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I have some of the best friends. Seriously. In this industry, it’s fairly uncommon to have true friends who are also photographers for the same market of clients (I don’t know why!). But this group of gals is all about #communityovercompetition. Nicole from Nicole Wasko Photography, was the master mind of regular meetings to glean ideas and share techniques with each other. We met Nicole and her husband, Scott, a few months ago when they moved here from Southern California. We adore their love for the outdoors, and their adventurous spirits. Scott is always right there cracking the same corny jokes as Mike, and Nicole and I simultaneously roll our eyes and shake our heads. It’s a perfect match up. Ashley Nicole is equally amazing, and also moved here from Wisconsin with her hubby, Bryan, about a month before Nicole. They are also small business owners of Alacrity Photography. We love meeting new people from out of town! We love Ashley Nicole and Bryan’s easy going ways, and their thirst for new photography locations, and drive to be unique. It’s VERY refreshing! Not to leave anyone out, we also had two other photographers who I hadn’t met yet, who are also part of our group, Samantha (with Samantha Shannon Photography) and Renee (with Renee Tophia Photography). I feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of ladies!

Anywho, Nicole and Ashley Nicole organized our first “shoot out” (ha! I’m so dorky). We used Facebook to find two couples who were our test subjects and allowed us to practice some posing techniques. We met at Tualatin Hills Nature Park in Beaverton, just steps away from the Nike campus, where Nicole’s husband works. It was threatening rain as Ashley Nicole and I arrived a little early. Ashley and I wandered around to figure out the best lighting, while trying to stay out of the way for runners and bikers alike. Of course, I just had to capture a shot of Ashley Nicole, and she finally allowed me to frame her up. She’s great in front of the camera.


Ashley Nicole of Alacrity Photography

Shortly after, Nicole arrived, and just behind her, Kyla and Alan arrived, followed by Leah and Quentin. Kyla and Alan were referred to me by our mutual good friend and amazing hair and makeup artist, Aryka with Vivid Chromatic’s. Aryka worked her magic on  Kyla and her bridal party for her wedding and they also become great friends in the process. Leah and Quentin are friends of Ashley Nicole, and also moved here from Wisconsin (apparently Oregon is a popular place to move to!).

We ended the day with some great photos of both couples. We finished the night off just across the street in an open field, which was close to a fairly busy road. Drivers were slowing down trying to figure out what all the cameras were for. I’m sure our couples felt like celebrities with all the cameras flashing away. It was so much fun!


Alan and Kyla were pros in front of the camera. They made our job easy!

Alan and Kyla were pros in front of the camera. They made our job easy!


I just LOVE Leah

I just LOVE Leah’s yellow sweater. Isn’t she adorable?!

And this belt. Are you kidding me? So cute!

And this belt. Are you kidding me? So cute!


Ashley taking a new angle to capture Kyla and Alan.

Ashley taking a new angle to capture Kyla and Alan.


We took cover to get away from a quick rain shower and realized it was the perfect location from some captures.

We took cover to get away from a quick rain shower and realized it was the perfect location from some captures.


Alan showing his goofy side. Anything to get Kyla to laugh.

Alan showing his goofy side. Anything to get Kyla to laugh.

Quentin and Leah showing everyone how to rock the shot. Wow!

Quentin and Leah showing everyone how to rock the shot. Wow!

Nicole checking the gorgeous capture with Leah and Quentin. You can’t see it here, but Nicole is rocking some Converse!

Kyla and Alan. I loved their chemistry.

Kyla and Alan. I loved their chemistry.



We’re planning more shoots in the future and I can’t wait!

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We spent some much needed down time today with our kiddos. We slept in until 8:30 am (that’s sleeping in when you’re a parent), watched cartoons, and snuggled on the couch for the first part of the morning. I dragged all the kids outside for what is, embarrassingly, probably the first non-iPhone photo I have of all of us. I realized as I was scanning through thousands of photos I have, that 98% were client photos. This leaves a very small percentage for us. Our goal this year is to capture more photos of us, so that we can live by example to our clients. So here’s one photo to start many more coming this year.


Maybe it was the giant chocolate bunnies they all just devoured, but I couldn’t get them to sit still. I’m feeling now for all my clients who are on this side of the lens. You have a tough job!Family Photo

From left to right: Hunter, then Gus (our puppy doggy!), me, Estella, Mike and Sophia. And if you’re wondering, I think I yelled out something like “Say, bunny farts!” to get this kids to laugh. As you can see, Hunter and Sophia were in the middle of “farrrrrrrrtttts!” when the camera shutter closed. You can’t have perfection all the time.


Cheers to you and yours on this fine Easter.

Mike and I scouted some new engagement session locations, and Angel’s Rest in the Columbia River Gorge was definitely the top of our list for awesome-ness. Our goal this year is not only take amazing, candid and fun photos for our clients, but to create great memories at the same time. It gives us a great excuse to spend half a day getting to know new couples, and get some exercise as well.

Angels Rest – Columbia River Gorge from Kathryn Patterson on Vimeo.

We took our puppy dog, Gus, with us too. He was tuckered out after the hike, and a little less white too! On the weekends, this place is packed with hikers, but we caught the trails on a mid-week hike, with maybe 1 person every 3 or 4 minutes on the trail. It was a wonderful escape.

We’ll be back up here in a couple weeks to take our adventurous couple’s photos. I love that they chose this location over all of our other suggestions. We can’t wait to come back.

We are working on getting our blog up and running. Be on the look out for new content from One Love Photo in the next coming weeks! In the mean time, here are some of our favorite photos from an engagement session at Silver Creek Falls, just a few weeks ago. Silver Creek Falls is located just outside Silverton, Oregon, with an abundance of waterfalls and hiking trails. Enjoy!

Silverton, Oregon

Silverton, Oregon

Siverton, Oregon

Well hello out there world wide web. Kat Patterson here, from One Love Photography in gorgeous Portland, Oregon. The wedding season is not done yet. We still have 4 weddings to complete in the next 30 days. I can’t wait! The transition from summer to fall is making my senses oh so happy. From the smell of rain to the cold shivers that go up my spine when I step outside before the sun comes up, fall is right around the corner.

I wanted to showcase a fantastic wedding in July that Mike and I had the pleasure of capturing. Actually, there were three of us; Mike and my second shooter this season, Adrian, all joined the party. Mike rocked the photo booth most of the day, while Adrian captured some other angles on the ceremony.

I asked the bride to do a quick write up on her wedding, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Enjoy!

Where did you and Dave meet? We met January 10, 2013 at a bar in Oregon City. I was there for karaoke and Dave was hanging out with a bandmate of his. He was wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins hat and I grew up in Pennsylvania so, naturally, I asked about it. From there, we hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.

How did he propose? Dave proposed the following New Years Eve. It was at a “Great Gatsby” themed party. We had a little talent show going and the final act was Dave’s ‘year in review’ speech. That’s when he asked me to come up front and got down on one knee. It was very true to our fashion- dressed up in twenties garb, during a talent show in front of friends and family. A truly spectacular show!- and a dazzling diamond too 😉

What was your vision for your wedding? The vision for the wedding came from how I decorate in my home. It was very shabby chic and had many hand-made elements- from the invitations to the favors. Instead of picking two colors, I incorporated many pastel colors. The tables featured grey tablecloths and pink napkins with mis-matched china. The décor was very dressed up but also playful. The centerpieces were made up of various milk glass vases full of flowers from the market and amongst the vases, you could find at least one “friend” (a ceramic bird, bunny, or animal of some kind). There was plenty of lace and doilies and a dream-like ribbon curtain behind the head table

What made you chose your venue? One look from the vantage point of Parrett Mountain says it all- the beautiful scenery of Oregon is painted in rolling hills right before your eyes. You can see two of the mountains from there but they are more like accessories to the scene, rather than main features. It just takes your breath away and makes everything feel so special.

What was special about your ceremony? Reverend Randy Ginn officiated our ceremony. He really highlighted our commitment to God and each other in such a sweet way. One of things that we did in the ceremony was the salt covenant. In the Bible, salt represents an unbreakable commitment and that’s what the ceremony was all about, making that commitment.


How about some of the details? The centerpiece flowers came from the Lake Oswego Farmers Market. They were picked up that morning and arranged by two very dear friends of mine- Cecilia Klinkenberg and Mary Ann Hanifan. They played right into the eclectic decor and looked fabulous in the milk glass vases! Corsages and boutonnieres were also made by Mary Ann as well- they were pink roses with dusty miller. The bridal and bridesmaid bouquets were made by myself and my maid of honor. They were silk floral arrangements with some added flair- little pieces of bling throughout. The bridal bouquet also had some feathery parts too it and featured a pin with the letter “E” to represent my late mother, Elissa.

And the cakes? What about those?! The cake table looked like a mad-hatter’s tea party! It included 10 cakes- yes, 10 cakes of various flavors. The cake that we cut into was a funfetti cake with buttercream frosting. All of the cakes were made by Della Simerly, a dear friend of friend mine. She is currently a college student but I think she has a bakery business in her future!

How about your personal details? What did you wear? The dress was by Maggie Sotero with a sweetheart neckline addition. The shoes were Nine West and the jewelry included a Givenchy necklace and bracelet, earrings by Sweet Romance. The bridal ring set was a custom design. I dreamed it up and Kim Clementis at Four Decades Jewelers made it.

I loved the reception! Can you tell us more about it?

One really special part of the reception was when my friend, Lori Baduria, performed a dance to Charlene Soraia’s cover of “Wherever You Will Go”.  It was a dance to honor my late parents and all the great things that they have taught me.  Their love for God, lessons about life, and memories go with me wherever I go, so the song is very special to me.
It was also really great that my guests were so tolerant of the heat- we had to move tables for shade and wait for the dance floor to cool off to start that part of the reception. The way that everyone was so easy-going and gracious really relieved stress for me and made it a special day!

Hope you enjoyed! Please stop by our business page if you are looking for a photographer for your upcoming wedding at or check out our more recent happenings at

Vendor thank you to:

Charlotte’s Weddings – Wedding Dress

The Party Pros – Rentals

Tableclothsfactory – Linens

Della Simerly- Baker and Cake decorator extraordinaire

Butch Tucker- Chef and Caterer

Melissa Polley- Hair