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Hey ya’ll!! Kat Patterson here with One Love Photography. The wedding season is slowing down a bit, which is allowing me more time to blog. That’s a plus for you and me. If you haven’t already started following me, please do. I love sharing the awesomeness that is photography!

The Ski Fever and Snowboard show at the Expo Center always gets me ready for the transition from fall to winter. It’s always exciting when you score big on great gear. Plus, it’s a great way to get pumped up for snow at our favorite winter time destination, Mount Hood Ski Bowl.

We scored some great snowsuits for Stella and Sophia, along with some great hats for really cheap (like $20 for each snow suit cheap!). Of course, this provided a great excuse to escape to the mountain. Sadly, Ski Bowl isn’t open yet (we’re getting close though), so we had to head up higher to Timberline.

I decided this time that bringing my expensive camera would be a really bad idea, so I opted to leave it home and let the ‘ole iPhone capture the magic.

We grabbed some cheap sleds on the way up. Totally worth it. I can’t remember the last time I went sledding!


You see that gorgeous view? It was even more amazing in person. If you’ve never gone sledding up at Timberline, spend the gas money and go. It was so amazing.


We caught a gorgeous sunset as well. I couldn’t believe how well the snowsuits worked out for the kids. I didn’t hear one complaint about being cold. They all slept nice and deep on the way home.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May your the rest of the holidays bring you close to your family and friends!

I was blessed enough this October to take a journey to a little island in the Caribbean called Jamaica. If you haven’t watched it before, the movie, Cool Runnings is about a Olympic bobsled team from Jamaica. You have to watch it. And if you love John Candy, he plays a great role. Almost as good as Uncle Buck. But that’s for another post. Soooo, back to awesome Jamaica. Of course, I took my camera along on this journey for six days and I couldn’t have been happier.


It started with 24 hours of no sleep, and ended with new friends made, and a humbling experience in just how much we don’t value the lives we have here in the States. I know that anyone who’s traveled to a third world country, has the same respect for the people that live there, that I feel today.


I had such a great time and wanted to share some of my favorite pictures!


I made friends with these little guys before we went horseback riding. They stole most of my potato chips. Okay. Okay. They didn’t steal them. I couldn’t resist feeding all my chips to them. They looked so desperate for food. I have a soft heart, what can I say!


And the water. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so pretty. And warm. I could have sat next to the ocean the ENTIRE trip, and I would have been happy. Hope I get to visit again soon. I had such an amazing time. Thank you Jamaica. Respect!

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Here we are, the day before Christmas and the world didn’t end as the Mayan’s predicted. We’ve all seen plenty of posts, blogs and conversations about that topic. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s all over with. Now to wait for the next big “end of the world” event to come and go.

As I sit here, I find my mind drifting over what a crazy year this has been. From the end of the world to the end of what I thought was my world, and the beginnings of new days, new people and new adventures. I feel very blessed by the family I’ve recently gotten to know just a little better.

Take Jessica and Rob. Jessica is my cousin. We haven’t really been close since we were mere teenagers. Fate finds it that Hunter draws her name out of a hat for a photo shoot. The next thing I know, we are having an amazing time. The great thing about family is you can be out of the loop for years, even decades and still be on the same page. After 15 to 20 minutes of conversation, it was as if we had been talking all along. Albeit, Jessica was fun, daring and adventurous just like me, so it made it much easier, but it just shows you that family can still stay close no matter the distance.

I hope you and your family get to connect this holiday season. I certainly know I felt better getting to know more about Jess in the time that we spent together. Oh, don’t worry Rob, I haven’t gotten about you. You were just as awesome. I can see why you and Jess belong together. Birds of a feather, right?

Merry Christmas everyone.



My previous blog was erased and therefore I get to start fresh.

During the last two days, I’ve been diligently working to launch my site which has been in design for over a year. It’s taken that long for two reasons:  one, because photography is unfortunately not my full time job and two, the constant changing of what I envisioned had complicated the website design process.

It is done finally! At least for now.


Check out my new site at