Well hello out there world wide web. Kat Patterson here, from One Love Photography in gorgeous Portland, Oregon. The wedding season is not done yet. We still have 4 weddings to complete in the next 30 days. I can’t wait! The transition from summer to fall is making my senses oh so happy. From the […]

Hey ya’ll!! Kat Patterson here with One Love Photography. The wedding season is slowing down a bit, which is allowing me more time to blog. That’s a plus for you and me. If you haven’t already started following me, please do. I love sharing the awesomeness that is photography! The Ski Fever and Snowboard show […]

I was blessed enough this October to take a journey to a little island in the Caribbean called Jamaica. If you haven’t watched it before, the movie, Cool Runnings is about a Olympic bobsled team from Jamaica. You have to watch it. And if you love John Candy, he plays a great role. Almost as […]

Here we are, the day before Christmas and the world didn’t end as the Mayan’s predicted. We’ve all seen plenty of posts, blogs and conversations about that topic. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s all over with. Now to wait for the next big “end of the world” event to come and […]

My previous blog was erased and therefore I get to start fresh. During the last two days, I’ve been diligently working to launch my site which has been in design for over a year. It’s taken that long for two reasons:  one, because photography is unfortunately not my full time job and two, the constant changing […]